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Transportation Logistics 
We also Provide
Dispatch Outsourcing Services

Welcome to FDR Logistics LLC.

Logistics, Warehousing and Dispatch Outsourcing Solutions Provider in Stockton

FDR Logistics LLC. is a Stockton based warehousing, logistics, and dispatch outsourcing provider delivering customized solutions for every client. Our strategically-located Stockton warehouse provides quick access to Pan-American routes and addresses within the shortest possible time frame.
Our excellent logistics services enable us to improve our client’s supply chain and deliver maximum performance. Flexibility and integration are key to success in today’s fast-paced logistics realm.
Customized solutions for supply chain optimization are vital to our operations helping our clients
reach the pinnacle of success. Ever since our establishment, we have adhered to high operating
standards offering clients with value-driven and cost-effective warehousing and logistics solutions.

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Our Services

FDR Logistics LLC. offers a wide variety of services that redefine the way you do logistics. And that’s
what sets us apart! From simple warehousing to complex inventory management, we understand
what it takes to keep your business humming.

  • Warehousing

  • Pick & Pack

  • Automated Shipping and Sorting Storage

  • E-commerce

  • Custom EDI Solutions

  • Palletizing

  • Retail Compliant Barcoding and Labeling

  • Ticketing and Inventory Management

  • Kitting and Shrink Wrapping

  • Trucking

  • Cross-Dock

  • Truckload and Less than Truckload

  • Commercial Freight Storage

  • Goods and Vehicle Tracking

Our most common services

  • Warehousing – Whatever your warehousing need, we have you covered. Shelved or racks, pallets or containers, your custom storage space is always available. Overflow merchandise is covered too.

  • Transportation Management – Need immediate transportation for your merchandise? Our team arranges quick pan-American transportation for your goods/products at the lowest costs.

  • Dispatch Outsourcing – Don’t every worry for dispatch management. Avail our dispatch outsourcing services and experience smooth transportation, streamlined dispatch operations, and much more.

  • Cross Docking – Our efficient cross-docking solutions allow us to segregate and match goods for final destination orders quickly. Lower costs and storage times deliver higher operating efficiency.

  • Commercial Freight Storage – Our expansive warehouse is ideal for long and short term commercial freight storage. Our value-added services make it the perfect jump point for all your shipping needs.

  • Value-Added Services – Take advantage of the widest range of value-added services such as pick and pack, labeling, packaging, vehicle tracking, assembly, drayage, order processing, and much more.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be recognized in the warehousing industry as a valued warehousing and logistics
partner. We aim to strive for excellence in our realm through superior service, honesty, and integrity.
Our collaborative partnerships with valued customers must enable us to always serve them better
through customized solutions. We believe in building fruitful relationships that maximum power value
for supply chain optimization, reduced costs and higher efficiencies.

Flat Rate Fulfillment Warehouse Program – Setting Industry Benchmark

Our unique flat rate fulfillment warehouse program is built around your business needs. Whether you
are a startup or an established enterprise, our flat-rate allows you to control costs without
compromising on supply chain performance. If you are in a new product launch phase or improving
bottom-line, you pay a regulated fee for a set number of orders.
Experience the best return on investment with absolutely no hidden costs. You focus on marketing
and let us be your inventory handler.

Why Choose Us

Our customer service standards are second to none. Our team understands that every client is
unique. Whether it is warehousing or inventory management, all our services are powered by
knowledgeable staff working with utmost dedication.

  • Responsibility – Our strategic initiatives are powered by ethical values of responsibility,

honesty, and integrity. Corporate ethics are at the foundation of our exceptional services.

  • Our Team – Our knowledgeable team consists of highly experienced logistics personnel who

are dedicated to meeting your business’s needs with advanced solutions.

  • Customer Support – Connectivity is our forte! Our customer support delivers unmatched

solutions in vehicle tracking, inventory management, order updates, and problem resolution.

FDR Logistics LLC. - Helping Your Products Move Faster, Safer!

When you optimize your supply chain, you maximize the performance of your business. At FDR
Logistics LLC., you get the exact solutions you need to keep your business moving forward. Whether
inbound logistics or inventory tracking, we meet your most demanding challenges – every day!


No matter what your business or product is, we have the solutions and systems that help you taste
success. From storage to packaging and labeling, our team works with accuracy and attention to
detail. No wonder we are among the best warehousing companies in Stockton for full-range logistics
and supply chain management services.

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