About Us

At FDR Logistics LLC., we believe in keeping things simple! From logistics to warehousing, we
have simplified complex processes into high-return operational success. Our strength lies in our
focus on scalability, flexibility, and efficiency. Our extensive network allows us to leverage on
Stockton’s mammoth logistics industry and offer every client what they are looking for – a
customized solution! That makes your customers happy.
FDR Logistics LLC. is a privately owned and operated warehousing, logistics and transportation
solutions provider. With our strategically located warehouse in Stockton offering advance
solutions, we have positioned ourselves as a leading provider of industry-specific solutions. Our
location gives us an incredible geographic advantage over competitors. We make nation-wide
shipping possible with a single click!

What Sets Us Apart?

Thorough market knowledge – Our experience has bestowed us with a comprehensive
knowledge of the transportation, logistics, and warehousing industry.
Handling ‘Big’ with ease – No matter how big a project is, our customized approach, along
with high-tech equipment, allows us to deliver great results.
Vendor compliance – Diverse vendor policies are no challenge to us. We specialize in
handling large to small consumer product firms helping them achieve low chargebacks from
industry giants.
Single point operations – When you work with us, you don’t have to deal with
intermediaries. Our single-window approach ensures you experience integrates solutions at
one go.

Experience and Expertise Matters

FDR Logistics LLC. constitutes a highly experienced team of logistics industry veterans. Our
the knowledgeable and skilled staff firmly delivers on the promise of high customer satisfaction.
Over the years, we have operated in a wide range of industries, including sporting goods,
consumer electronics, paper products, metals, apparel and many more.
Our warehouse allows us to provide unique storage services to every client we work with.
Whether it is warehousing or distribution operations, we add value to your business through
our associated ‘value-added’ services as well.

We always aim to develop long-lasting business relationships. And to achieve this goal, we work
with clients to offer the latest technological aid, seamless transportation, and systems that fully
integrate with their current infrastructure. We have demonstrated the ability to handle work
related to the world’s largest logistics giants like Amazon, Home Depot and Wal-Mart. As
demands of the logistics industry grow, we are ever ready to deliver customized solutions to fit
your needs.

How We Think

• Logically Logistics Solutions – We never apply ‘One-Shoe-Fits-All’ approach to every
client. We believe every client is unique and deserves a personalized solution. Every
project is a clean slate for us and everything is designed around your business
• Efficient Operations – Efficiency is reflected in every endeavor we undertake.
Refining processes to achieve ever-higher organizational efficiency is something we
strive for daily. Every delivery and shipping is important to us.
• Values – We believe values are vital to any business. Values build brands and the
same philosophy is used in every project. We aim to deliver the most value to every
client – large or small. It’s our core concern to help you get maximum returns.
• Client Satisfaction – If you are unhappy, we consider it a failure on our part! No
wonder we go to great lengths to understand your requirements and deliver a
customized solution. Our services are built around you and your satisfaction is the

Want to learn more about our origins and how we can help you? Get in touch today.