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Superior, Cost-Effective Cross Docking Solutions in our Stockton Warehouse

At FDR Logistics LLC., we deliver unmatched cross-docking services at our Stockton warehouse. We understand that flexibility, fast shipping, and on-time delivery of goods are vital to run your business effectively.

Cross-docking is crucial to your LTL shipping strategy. At FDR Logistics, we understand this and our team commits itself to ensure smooth shipping of your goods. Our knowledgeable team, facility, tools, and warehouse to streamline the supply chain and improve bottom-line.

“Your Deadlines are Our Deadlines!”

We have multiple docks, an efficient truck fleet, and technical innovations to help you meet strict deadlines easily. Our team can handle your last-minute emergency cross-docking needs with ease. Our support team can also help you with specific needs and miscellaneous cross-docking solutions.

Are you having trouble with handling your last-mile shipments? Call us for local cross-docking facilities in Stockton and nearby areas.

What are Cross-Docking Services?

The transfer of goods between vehicles en route during shipping is referred to as cross-docking. Naturally, it is to be done without wasting time and risking the safety of the goods. It is accomplished by transferring vehicles directly between two carriers or sometimes with a stopover at a warehouse. Goods meant for the same destination are transferred between vehicles heading in the same destination.

We receive goods at the distribution docking terminal, sort them as per various categories and then classify them as per the destination. The classified goods are collected and moved to the respective dock from where they are loaded on to the outbound vehicles. Our efficient processing solutions ensure products are not lying on the terminal for extended durations.


Cross-docking ensures that various consignments from different suppliers are segregated, sorted and loaded into appropriate freightliners. It helps streamline the transportation process, cut warehousing costs and increase the speed of delivery.

Why Choose Our Cross Docking Services?
  • Faster Delivery – We reduce the touchpoints and help meet deadlines.

  • Flexible – Cross-docking ensures different products reach their destination safely.

  • Cost-Effective – Our team helps cut warehousing, picking, and storage costs.

  • Tightly Integrated – We team up with truckers for precise inbound and outbound delivery.

  • Quick Marketing – When products reach faster, marketing deadlines are achieved quickly.

  • Transload Freight – We help shuffle your product quickly from containers to trailers.

  • Streamline Supply Chain – Dictate deadlines with a streamlined supply chain.

  • Centralization – Our warehouse centralizes your product dispatch and receiving mechanism.

Why Choose Our Cross Docking Services?

At FDR Logistics LLC., our team has decades of experience in delivering superior ‘Cross Dock Freight Management Services’ throughout the U.S.A. Our facility along with a network of associated local storage facilities, delivers unmatched material handling, safe storage, distribution, order fulfillment, and supply chain administration.

   Accurate Inventory          Timely Order Processing          Superior Terminal Management

Advance pallet machines, transportation terminals, functional distribution, and trucking facilities ensure your business needs are fully met. Our support will guide you through transportation operations, third-party logistics, and warehousing solutions.


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