Dispatch Outsourcing

Are you looking for dispatch outsourcing services to meet ever-increasing warehousing and
transportation challenges? At FDR Logistics LLC., we deliver unmatched dispatch
outsourcing solutions to save you both time and money.

Today, outsourcing is no more a luxury but a necessity in the current fast-paced
transportation realm where costs have escalated exponentially. Besides cost-savings, it
provides an excellent way to employ professional and experienced people, exploit more
opportunities, and improve your business’s scalability quotient.

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Experience and Expertise Matters

  • Freight rate negotiations

  • Order management

  • Route management and speed control

  • Cut unproductive ideal times

  • Transit time monitoring

  • Driver’s delivery and collection coordination

  • Route deviation control

  • Hazardous area and cargo theft protocols

  • Vehicle monitoring and goods tracking

  • Rescheduling contro

  • Third-party vehicle management

  • Instant search of loads for empty vehicles


Our team also handles the documentation, including orders, transport documents, goods related paperwork, insurance, and storage of documents.

Benefits of Dispatch Outsourcing

The transportation industry is multi-faceted, which means one organization is burdened
with myriad responsibilities. In today’s age, organizations are getting lean and cutting the
flab. This means specialized agencies perform individual tasks with higher efficiency to
achieve better results. Dispatch outsourcing is one such specialized solution that aims to
drive your bottom line higher.

  • Lower Your budget – Slash costs and save your fleet’s operational budget

  • Staff reduction – Get more things done with less workforce. Experience lean staff benefits.

  • More marketing – An outsourced dispatch allows you to dedicate more time for marketing.

  • Professionalism – In house dispatching is no match against professional dispatch enterprises.

  • Streamlined supply chain – Remove bottlenecks from your supply chain with high efficiency.

Outsource Your Dispatch Challenges to FDR Logistics

At FDR Logistics LLC., we understand that dispatch management can be quite challenging.
We make it our aim to convert your fledgling dispatch into an efficient, expedient, and high-
performance division. As soon as we sign the contract, our knowledgeable staff gets to

We coordinate and collaborate across all the divisions to streamline your dispatch needs in a
time-bound manner. All operational infrastructure is moved online for real-time inputs. An
advanced call center handles all dispatch coordination activities through online portals for
seamless communication.

  • Qualified personnel handles all your logistics solutions.

  • Experienced staff handles appropriate load distribution and select the right vehicle.

  • Advance calling equipment ensures uninterrupted 24/7 seamless communication.

  • Save office space with virtual process handling and off-site expertise.

  • Dispatch and accept orders via telephone, fax, SMS, or email.

  • Comprehensive software for order processing, goods tracking, record keeping, database formation, cost control, inventory management, and vehicle surveillance.

  • Qualified technical support to handle any emergency.

All the above features help you increase fleet efficiency, cut down on intermediaries and
enter new markets. We deliver excellent solutions for order acceptance, volume handling,
and goods safety; all of which ultimately push your profits higher.

Impressed? Let’s Begin Right Away!

Collaborate with FDR Logistics LLC.’s dispatch outsourcing services in Stockton to experience
transportation as you’ve never before! When you sign up for the contract, services
commence immediately without any delays. Our clients experience satisfaction in every
realm, be it cargo transportation to inventory management.

With extensive transportation knowledge, we ensure all the details are handled well.
Whether it is vehicle tracking or ideal time, every process is geared towards increasing
productivity. Fleet management reports further help clients tune-up their business models.

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