Warehousing Services

Stockton’s Leading Warehousing Solutions Provider

FDR Logistics LLC specializes in a full range of warehousing services in the Stockton region. Our
facility is built to meet your personalized business needs with versatile and scalable solutions.
Our unique service standards are ideal to meet your business needs whether it is retail,
eCommerce, long haul or more.

Warehousing, Pick & Pack, Inventory Management, Order Processing – We Do It All

Our dedicated team strives for excellence for every client we serve. With strategically located
warehouse facility, advance equipment for inventory management, and superior transportation
solutions, we are your best choice for a warehouse in Stockton.

For a detailed quote or any other query, give us a call on 209-900-4990.

Experience the Widest Range of Warehousing Solutions

Our wide range of warehousing services is geared to meet modern transportation and storage
challenges. Just explore our services, and you won’t have to worry about inventory stock levels,
shipping, or distribution ever!

  • Full-range warehousing

  • Long and short term storage

  • Full-service fulfillment services

  • Retail and apparel fulfillment

  • Cross-docking with ‘Pick & Pack’

  • Shipping and distribution

  • Recouping and cycle counts

  • Online inventory management

  • Import/Export

  • EDI and retail distribution

  • Pallet in, pallet out

  • High-value item storage

  • Small parcel shipping

  • Transportation management

  • Transloading and ‘Just-in-Time’

  • Retailer specific routing

  • Overflow and Seasonal Warehousing

  • Comprehensive Value-Added Services

Leave your stocking and inventory management to us, and you can focus on marketing and
growing your profits. Our comprehensive solutions combine distribution and warehousing with
excellent transportation management to deliver inventory expertise.

Why Choose Stockton Warehouse Services?

FDR Logistics is strategically located to deliver efficient cross-country distribution. Our solutions
not only meet your logistics needs, but they also prepare you for growth as well. Our
warehousing services will help you achieve lower overall supply chain costs allowing you to
dedicate more finances towards marketing. Here are some reasons why you should choose us:

  • Low logistics costs – What’s the use of outsourcing that costs more! Low-cost warehousing in Stockton is our USP, and we help drive down your everyday costs.

  • Advance facility – We have extensive warehouse floor space with safe racks that are under constant electronic surveillance.

  • Divest assets – Businesses can redirect more capital towards productivity in their core business.

  • Reduce risk – Accurate transportation and storage deliver seamless goods transition.

  • Productivity reports – Stay one step ahead from the competition with productivity reports.

  • Vendor compliance management – Steer clear of any chargebacks with our dedicated vendor compliance management.

  • Reverse logistics management – Explore more markets and lower costs with reverse logistics.

We undertake regular checks for pest and bug infestation to ensure the safety of goods. Critical KPIs are monitored with in-depth analysis to achieve continuous improvement. You can also avail of e-fulfillment and drop-shipping services. We work with you to assess every aspect of your storage needs.

Leaders in Stockton Warehousing Industry

FDR Logistics LLC. leads the pack when it comes to offering storage, management, and tracking
of your goods. Exhaustive supply chain solutions redefine your warehousing experience. Our
extensive experience in contract and multi-client warehousing services makes us a trusted

Our devoted account managers fully understand your complex goods storage needs. We are
ever ready to offer you a customized solution that not only meets your current needs but
boosts your bottom line.

Call at 209-900-4990 today to discuss your warehousing needs.